Climate Positive Projects

  • Transition towards net zero
  • Robust quantification of

  • To invest only in projects which has clear GHG mitigation potential
  • GHG reduction potential to be estimated by third party and published
  • All projects on ARYA will be certified to the ISO 14064 standard

Complete Data Transparency

  • Additionality
  • Mitigation
  • No double counting
  • Permanence

  • All operational parameters all projects will be available real time
  • Blockchain based system to ensure data integrity and immutability
  • Geo spatial AI based real time tracking of parameters

ESG Leadership

  • Program governance
  • Environment and Social impact
  • Registry & Independent third party verification

  • Atleast 80% of all project staff to be hired from the local communities
  • Commit fixed % of project EBITDA for skilling of local youth
  • Annual ESG Report aligning to international standards to be published

ESG Leadership Beyond Climate in Communities

Projects will go beyond climate mitigation activities and addresses social aspects to ensure rights, dignity, aspirations, culture and livelihoods of local communities

Data Transparency Platform


All project data directly goes to a block chain data base ensuring highest level of data transparency


Immutable data : No human intervention in key aspects of data generation and management


Scada and Industrial IoT directly feeds to data transparency platform